Boost Engagement 4.3x the Industry Benchmark

The trends and insights into personalized omni-channel digital marketing that will get you there


Case Studies

The world’s top auto, retail/e-commerce, CPG and financial services brands are already experiencing
the ROI of personalizing messages with Jivox IQ.


A leading online automobile marketplace drives conversion with Jivox.


Premier beverage and snack brand boosts engagement and media-buy efficiency.


A sporting equipment company accelerates engagement with weather triggered Facebook ads.


A financial software company drives awareness through personalization.


A global insurance brand accelerates engagement with Jivox.


An OTC brand delivers hyper-personalization using granular data.


A Global Consumer Electronics Giant Boosts Engagement with Video-Display Sequential Ad Campaign.


A Japanese Multinational Automotive Manufacturer Personalizes Ad Messaging On-The-Fly Based On Audience Behavior.

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A Leading Multinational Hospitality Company Strengthens Customer Loyalty With Personalized Dynamic Video Ads.


An OTC Brand Saw 19x Engagement Lift Using Dynamic Video Ads.


A Global Hospitality Company Boosts Hotel Bookings With Hyper-personalized DCO.


Premier Alcoholic Beverage Brand Achieves Relevance & Boosts Engagement.

Surveys & Reports

Best Practices for Programmatic Creative

The survey shows advertisers in 2016 are expected to spend almost half of their digital media budgets on programmatic ad buys.

Omni-channel Benchmark Report

Get insight into the positive impact of combining omni-channel marketing & personalized messaging.

2016 DCO Benchmark Report

Get in-depth statistics on the impact of personalization on digital ad performance.

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The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2018

Forrester cites Jivox a leader and recommends that “large global brands with rich, complex data sets and diverse geographic footprints should consider Jivox”

2019 Travel & Hospitality DCO Benchmark Report

This report shows how personalization engages travelers and drives new bookings.

On-Demand Webinars

Personalizing Social Advertising

Learn how to use third-party data and contextual data, such as weather and time, to personalize your Facebook ads and extend the same, relevant ad messaging from Display to Social Media.

Personalized DCO 101

Learn how to create highly effective, cost efficient personalized digital ad content on the fly—precisely at the moment when individual consumers are thinking about buying a specific product.

Personalizing Omni-Channel Marketing

Learn how personalized omni-channel marketing with cross-device identity can take your ad campaigns to the next level.

Personalizing Dynamic Video Advertising

Learn how to create, personalize and scale relevant video ads for your audience.

Personalize Digital Marketing with Omnichannel DCO

An in-depth look at how dynamic ad creative and cutting-edge personalization could drive real-world success on social media channels.

Deliver Relevance with Data-Driven Insights

Learn how to scale personalized messaging to individual consumers anywhere, at any moment, across website, email, video, social media, mobile, and display advertising.

Diving into DCO

Learn the fundamentals of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology and how it can be leveraged to help you achieve personalization at scale.

How Global Brands use DCO to Drive Marketing ROI

Learn to use DCO for your specific needs. Achieve production cost savings and media performance efficiency by way of an ROI model.


How to Start Thinking About Personalization (1:03)

Why Personalized Omni-channel Ads Boost Engagement (0:47)

The Importance of Rules When Evaluating Personalization
Platforms (0:33)

A Tip for Evaluating Personalization Platforms:
Experiment with Media Channels (0:38)

A Tip for Evaluating Personalization Platforms: Creative Flexibility (0:41)

Dynamic Video Advertising: What Brands Need to Know (1:27)

Dynamic Video Advertising: What is Dynamic Cloud Video Rendering? (1:02)

Datasheets & E-Books

Jivox At-A-Glance

Get a complete overview of the benefits, technology and infrastructure behind this powerful platform.

Jivox and AppNexus

Learn how Jivox and AppNexus are reinventing online ad retargeting.

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Jivox Facebook

Personalize Facebook ads using Jivox dynamic creative optimization.

Neuron-Powered Recommendation Engine

Learn how to increase relevance of ad content.

AI and Digital

4 reasons to use AI and machine learning for personalized digital marketing.

Native DCO

Personalize omni-channel Native DCO for 1:1 experience.

+ Jivox IQ

Combine WEATHERfx data with Jivox IQ to activate accurate and meaningful messaging in real-time.

Customer Journey

See the best performing paths of your campaigns in real-time to maximize conversions and cost savings.


Omni-channel Personalization

5 steps to building high quality 1:1 customer experience across all channels and devices.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Use data and AI to evolve your digital advertising strategy from retargeting to personalization.